S1E11: The One with Lars Pt. 2


Phil and Susie chat more in Part 2 with Lars Cade, self taught rage learning expert in the areas of evolutionary biology, young earth creationism, and all things scientific.  In this episode, we continue the conversation and talk about young earth creationism and why it’s not possible, common arguments for YEC and how to debunk them, intelligent design, and Lars’ doctrine of personal infallibility.  We start off with a complex scientific discussion between Phoebe Buffet and noted TV paleontologist, Dr. Ross Geller, which is sure to whet your appetite for some serious learning in this episode.  


Show Notes and Resources

Phil’s Blog: https://philqmusings.wordpress.com/ 

Susie’s Blog: https://www.flawedtheology.com/ 

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Find Lars:

Learn Evolution

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